Rent your RV, Make Money.

Join our white-glove rental program & earn money without lifting a finger!

RecNation is the largest owner of boat and RV storage facilities in the country and is now expanding services to offer customers the ability to rent their RV and make money!

For most of the year, RVs are sitting in storage as depreciating assets. With the rise of peer-to-peer RV rental platforms like Outdoorsy and RVshare, RV owners can now make money off these assets by renting them to other adventure seekers. To give our RV owners an opportunity to tap into this market, RecNation is launching a full-service, white-glove RV rental operation right from our facilities.

Program Benefits

Safe: Renters will meet our staff at our secure facilities – not the RV owner’s private property.

Convenient: RecNation will deal with all the inconveniences whether that’s late night calls, RV cleaning and inspections, walkthroughs, etc..

Trustworthy: RV owners already trust us with their storage. They can be sure we will continue to keep their trust as we rent out their vehicles.

Profitable: RV owners who rent their vehicle can earn between $10,000-$30,000 a year!

Hassle-Free: RV owners just need to give us their RV – we will take it from there.

Sharing Memories: When you rent your RV, your giving another family the experience of a lifetime to roam the great outdoors and make memories!

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