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About Us

Our Story

RecNation is a family-run business focused on designing, building, and operating premium class facilities. Our attentive and knowledgeable team of experts is fully geared towards the needs of our customers.

How RecNation Came to Be

After being president and CEO of a datacenter firm,  Gary “Wojo” Wojtaszek and his wife were planning on touring Europe, but then COVID-19 hit and the couple bought a camper and decided to head west to camp and explore! Their first roadblock was trying to find the best place to store their camper. Wojo couldn’t find a secure, covered facility that suited his needs. And when he asked his friends where they stored their toys, they all seemed to have a similar problem. This is when the lightbulb flickered on and Wojo created Recreational Realty. What started as a small, family-run business has blossomed into the huge community of outdoor enthusiasts you know today—RecNation.

RecNation Team

Gary Wojtaszek

CEO & Founder

Mike Schwartz


Tom Berry

VP of Financial Planning & Analysis

Theresa Chareunsab

VP of Customer Success & Operations

Christian Wojtaszek

Director of M&A

Tobias Blumberg

M&A Integrations Manager

Sierra Taylor

M&A Integrations Manager

Matt Wojtaszek

Senior Financial Analyst

Dan Wojtaszek

Director of Site Acquisition & Development

Conrad Hansen

Development Project Manager

Tom Stimmel

Director, Facility Operations

Stefan Menker

Director of Marketing

Evy Harvey

Customer Service Manager

Tony Sowell

Director of Sales

David Willet

Customer Service Agent

Tom Tangorre

Customer Service Agent

Brett Buckley

Customer Service Agent

Kristi Clifford

Customer Service Agent

Amit Rai

Principal at myController

Sahil Rai

Director at myController

Christopher Neal

General Counsel

Tim Ryan

Construction Consultant

Hector Avila

Construction Consultant

Carlos Cardona

Security & IT Consultant

Jose Barrios

Security Engineer