Storing your ATV with RecNation

ATV Storage

Life’s better with a little adrenaline. Whether you’re out exploring nature, learning some tricks, or just enjoying a nice ride, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) offer many different ways to have some extreme fun. But the excitement can’t last forever, and when you’re not out zipping around on your ATV, you need a dependable place to keep your ride safe. RecNation offers reliable and affordable ATV storage options tailored to your needs. Find your nearest RecNation to take the first steps today!

Benefits of ATV Storage

You may think it’s easier to store your ATV at home, but there are actually several benefits to keeping your wheels in one of our storage centers. Aside from the simple curb appeal factor of not taking up space in your driveway, garage, or yard, RecNation facilities also offer increased protection from the elements and convenient round-the-clock access, among other amenities.

Extra Protection

You might not care if the old four-wheeler you take mudding gets some rain on it, but you don’t want your newer vehicles taking a beating from rainfall, hail, or other extreme weather conditions. And even if the sky is free of clouds, harmful rays from the sun can damage your ride’s paint. Storing your ATV at a RecNation facility eliminates the fear of unnecessary weather damage and provides you with peace of mind that your vehicle is protected from the outside elements.

In addition to protecting your ATV from the weather, RecNation also operates with high-quality security measures in order to ensure your property is protected. Our facilities are fully fenced, and most offer keypad entry alongside 24/7 video recording. Many of our facilities offer closed-in car storage in addition to partially covered and uncovered units.


There may be enough space in your garage or shed to cram in your ATV, but why deal with that? Renting a storage unit for your ATV is a simple way to free up some real estate at your home and eliminate any unnecessary hassle in getting to your wheels. You can also identify a RecNation storage facility near your favorite trail park or other riding areas in order to cut down on time spent getting from hauling your unit out to sliding behind the wheel.

Features and Amenities

Keeping your ATV at a RecNation storage facility gives you more than just a place to keep your ride. We also offer our customers several additional benefits and features that make us the premier option for vehicle storage. Our facilities are all fully fenced-in, and many offer keypad entry and 24/7 video recording, helping create an increased peace of mind. We also offer easily accessible parking spots and units, so pulling in and out of our facility shouldn’t be a concern.

Preparing Your ATV for Long-term Storage

Before you store your ATV with RecNation, there are some important steps you should take to ensure your vehicle is ready for hibernation. Here are some ATV storage preparation tips:

Cleaning Your ATV

If you’re storing anything away, you should always clean it beforehand. This is especially true for your ATV. The first step is the most basic: throwing away any trash in your cup holders, wiping down your seat area, and cleaning off any obvious signs of mud or debris. You’ll also want to do a full wash of the outside of your ATV and lubricate any of the parts that need to be greased up before hitting the shelf for a while. You should also add a layer of protectant to plastic panels and parts just as you would after any regular day of riding.

Maintenance for Your ATV

Keeping your ATV in good condition is important all the time, but certain steps should be taken before storing your vehicle for long periods of time, including:

Find ATV Storage at Your Nearby RecNation Today!

When you need somewhere dependable and convenient to store your ATV, look no further than RecNation. We offer a wide range of vehicle storage options equipped to protect your extra set of wheels. Locate your nearest RecNation storage facility today and begin the process of finding the ATV storage solution for you!