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There’s nothing quite like traveling cross-country behind the wheel of an RV or sleeping under the stars in a camper. However, when you’re not on these trips, finding a suitable place to store your oversized vehicles is crucial. Turn to RecNation for affordable and convenient storage solutions with RV storage facilities in these states:

To learn more, contact us or visit our frequently asked questions page today. Check out our boat storage services for more thrilling ways to store your oversized vehicles with RecNation!

Secure RV Storage With RecNation

RecNation provides secure RV storage with top-notch security features, including 24/7 video recording. Our facilities are brightly lit and fully fenced, with gated keypad access limited to current customers, adding extra layers of protection. Count on us for premium RV storage services designed to prioritize your vehicle’s preservation until your next thrilling escapade!

Comparison of Storing an RV at Home vs at an RV Storage Facility

The convenience of storing an RV at home might seem appealing. However, such an arrangement comes with its limitations. For starters, RVs can take up a significant amount of space. Not everyone has a driveway or a backyard large enough to accommodate an RV. Even if space is not an issue, local regulations or Homeowner Association rules might prohibit RV parking at home.

Additionally, your RV might be exposed to the elements when parked at home, leading to potential wear and tear over time. The security of your RV might also be a concern, as residential areas may not always have the best protection against theft and vandalism.

On the other hand, an RV storage facility offers a dedicated and secure space for your vehicle. Such facilities often have robust security measures in place, including surveillance cameras, perimeter fencing, and controlled access gates. These features can provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your RV is safe.

In addition to security, RV storage facilities also offer protection from the weather. Services range from simple covered parking spaces to climate-controlled indoor storage units. So, not only is your RV secure from potential thieves, it’s also safe from the damaging effects of harsh weather.

RV Storage FacilityStoring at Home
Enhanced security measuresPotential risk of theft and vandalism
Dedicated and secure spaceLimited security options in residential areas
Protection from harsh weatherExposure to elements leading to wear and tear
Maintenance assistanceResponsible for maintenance and repairs
On-site amenities for convenienceLimited accessibility and facilities
Peace of mind knowing RV is safeConstant worry about security and damages
Avoidance of HOA feesPotential HOA restrictions and fees for RV storage

Please note that the above table is not exhaustive but provides a general comparison between storing an RV at an RV Storage Facility versus storing it at home.

RecNation RV Storage Amenities

Our RecNation locations in the South, Southwest, and Midwest are conveniently located near lakes, highways, national parks, and RV parks. Choose RecNation for RV storage and enjoy easy access to your next outdoor trip! Our storage rentals include premium features like electrical outlets and fully enclosed storage at select locations. We also proudly offer these other first-rate amenities:

Take advantage of RV cleaning services at designated RecNation locations in Florida and Texas. We also provide RV repair and maintenance at certain facilities in Arizona and Texas. Check out our FAQ for more details or call us today!

Types of Storage From RecNation

Find affordable and convenient RV storage easily with RecNation! Experience a hassle-free approach to oversized vehicle storage, ensuring your RV stays secure until your next thrilling adventure. The types of storage we provide are:

Uncovered storage. RecNation’s uncovered storage is the most budget-friendly option, offering a secure and well-maintained space in a designated lot for your RV.

Covered storage. Upgrade to enhanced protection with our covered storage option. You’ll have a reserved space in a lot under a roof, shielding your RV from weather like rain, hail, and snow. Plus, you can benefit from electrical outlets and easy battery charging.
Indoor storage. For the premium choice at certain RecNation facilities, our fully enclosed RV storage is the way to go. Enjoy complete shelter from external conditions, equipped with locks and convenient electrical outlets for hassle-free battery charging!

Preparing Your RV for Storage

Properly preparing your RV for storage is crucial to ensure it remains in excellent condition while in storage. Here are some steps you should consider:

Cost of RV Storage Compared to Other Costs that come with Purchasing and Owning an RV

When considering the cost of RV storage, it’s important to factor in the potential costs of not using a storage facility. These can include depreciation due to weather damage, potential repair costs from vandalism or theft, and even the inconvenience of having your RV take up valuable space at home.

Cost CategoryAverage Cost ($)
RV Storage Facility130
RV Campground Fees450
RV Fuel Costs250
RV Insurance Cost200
RV Maintenance Costs100
RV Repair Costs500
RV Cleaning Costs75
RV Financing Costs400
RV Purchase Price50,000

In comparison, the cost of using a professional RV storage facility can be a worthwhile investment. It’s a small price to pay for the protection of your RV and the peace of mind that comes with it. Considering the substantial investment you’ve made in purchasing your RV, ensuring its longevity by choosing a suitable storage option is a decision you’re unlikely to regret.

In conclusion, proper RV storage is an essential aspect of RV ownership that is often overlooked. Understanding the importance of storage and the options available to you can ensure that your RV remains protected and ready for your next adventure. After all, the ultimate goal is to enjoy your journey on the open road, and a well-maintained RV can significantly enhance that experience.

RecNation Vehicle and Boat Storage

If you have a classic car or an ATV taking up too much room at home, RecNation is your top choice for vehicle storage. Reclaim garage space by moving your motorcycle or Jet Ski to our fully enclosed units, or clear your driveway by placing your boat in a covered or uncovered lot. Our various storage solutions simplify storing your recreational vehicles with convenient features at affordable prices!

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Find a nearby RecNation facility today whether you need somewhere to leave your camper between adventures or create valuable garage space. Choose RecNation for budget-friendly RV storage today and enjoy our convenient amenities to the fullest. We are here to help every step of the way. Check out our blog for helpful information or call us for more details!