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Classic Car Storage

A row of classic cars sit covered in storage

It’s like Hot Wheels™, but bigger, better, and with open road instead of plastic orange track (being able to do a loopty-loop would be pretty cool, though). With a classic car, you can live out your childhood dreams and continue playing with your favorite toys. You turn heads when you take your weekend joyride through town, and locals swoon at the way your paint sparkles in the sun. What better way to keep your classic car in that beautiful, pristine condition than in car storage at your nearest RecNation facility?

Benefits of Car Storage

On the road, you have to worry about potholes, fender benders, and little flying rocks, but you face a different set of challenges when your classic car is waiting for the next ride. Parking your car outside leaves it exposed to the elements, including rain, sleet, snow, hail, and debris from the wind. Even in perfect weather, long-term exposure to intense sunlight and heat can cause the color of your paint to change or fade.

That’s why we’re here. Unless that classic car is your daily driver, your life-size Matchbox™ is probably hogging the garage, or maybe you have it sitting in a shed underneath an old sheet. There are plenty of other ways you could be using that valuable space. With car storage at RecNation, you keep that vehicle parked in the protection of a fully fenced storage facility, and you can choose the type of storage unit that provides the right amount of coverage for your classic car.

Types of Storage Units for Classic Cars

Throughout our facilities, you can find three types of storage:

Features for Car Storage

Not only do we offer high-quality storage solutions for your classic car, but many of our storage facilities are equipped with the features to treat your ride to a little luxury as well. You can find premium concrete drive aisles leading to your storage unit, vehicle washdown areas for you to keep your cruiser clean, in-unit electrical power available for battery trickle chargers, and more.

How To Prepare Your Car for Long-Term Storage

No, you don’t want to just show up, put it in park, lock the door, and walk away like you would at the end of an ordinary day. When you know you’ll be leaving your vehicle unattended for weeks or months at a time, there are some added steps to complete before you say your temporary goodbyes. In fact, the process of putting your vehicle into storage starts before you bring it to the lot.

1. Clean the Car

We don’t really want your dirty toys in our clean facilities, but more importantly, cleaning your car before putting it in storage helps prevent damage to your paint from packed-on grime and grossness. By thoroughly cleaning the interior, you also won’t attract pests and rodents.

2. Top It Off

Fill the gas tank. This helps occupy that space with fuel versus leaving it open to accumulate moisture. Add a fuel stabilizer to keep it fresh and prevent buildup within your classic car’s engine fuel system.

Furthermore, change and replenish the car’s engine oil and filter and check all other fluids.

3. Chock or Jack It Up

It’s time to drive the car to storage. She’s fresh and clean inside, outside, and underneath, and you’re putting her to bed happy with a full tank. However, you actually don’t want to leave the parking brake engaged. This will keep the brake pads in contact with the rotors, creating the chance of fusion. Instead, place tire chocks in front of the wheels.

Alternatively, if you know you’re leaving your car in storage for longer than a month, lift the car on jack stands placed at all four corners of the vehicle and remove the wheels. Leaving the car sitting immobile on its own tires for too long poses the risk of developing flat spots, requiring replacement.

4. Plug up and Plug In

Use a material such as steel wool to fill any gaps where a curious critter could try to crawl inside, including the exhaust pipe or an air intake. However, don’t forget to remove the material before starting the car again.

Even when the car isn’t running, the car is still drawing charge from the battery. Ideally, a car should be started and driven every two weeks to refresh the battery, but if that’s not an option for you, disconnect the battery. If outlets are available in the storage unit you rent, you can connect it to a trickle charger. 

5. Cover Your Beater

A good car cover will be made of a breathable fabric but still block out moisture and protect from dust, debris, sunlight, and other outdoor elements. That way, she’ll still be sitting pretty when you return.

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