RV & Boat theft is on the rise. | RecNation Storage

RV & Boat theft is on the rise.

Get comfort in knowing where it is with a WhereSafe GPS device.

RecNation Boat & RV Storage is thrilled to announce our new partnership with WhereSafe GPS, the simplest GPS tracking solution for everyday people. Whether you are renting out your boat or RV, storing it, or allowing family and friends to borrow it, you will have ease of mind with a WhereSafe GPS. WhereSafe GPS allows RV and boat owners to know exactly where their vehicle is, when it’s being used, how fast it’s going, and more. While other gps trackers are limited to only track current location, WhereSafe devices are network agnostic and will connect to any cellular network in the area to give the most accurate and transparent historical reporting.

About WhereSafe GPS

WhereSafe GPS provides real-time tracking and monitoring technology to offer you peace of mind while on the road, the water, or when your boat or RV is in storage. All tracking capabilities are accessed via a user-friendly app on your smartphone, where you will receive notifications if any issues arise with your vehicle that you need to know about. WhereSafe offers RV & boat owners the most comprehensive North American data coverage in the industry, with the best technology, in a user-friendly app, at the best price. 

WhereSafe GPS Features:

  1. Anytime from anywhere access
  2. Motion and tamper detection
  3. North American coverage
  4. Unlimited real-time tracking
  5. All data and wireless service
  6. NightWatch After-Hours Monitoring
  7. RideMonitor Activity Monitoring
  8. SafetyNet Safe Zone Monitoring
  9. TamperGuard Security Monitoring
  10. 48 hour route visibility

Through this partnership, RecNation will install the device for you, hassle free!

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