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New Residential Developments Near Dallas, TX

Close-up porch entrance of brand new row of three-story single-family houses in Richardson, North Dallas

Dallas, TX, has always been a magnet for those seeking a blend of vibrant city life and the comfort of suburban living. With the constant influx of new residents, new developments, and people selling their homes, the real estate market in Dallas is booming.

We at RecNation have compiled the latest information on the hottest places to live around Dallas. In this guide, we will explore three exciting new residential developments in the area and discuss how a RecNation Storage facility near you can be an invaluable asset as you relocate to Dallas.

The Villages of Hurricane Creek in Anna, TX

Anna, TX, is one of the fastest-growing communities in the greater Dallas area, making it a hotbed for new neighborhoods and multifamily communities. The new Villages of Hurricane Creek in Anna, TX, offer the perfect blend of serene suburban living while being just a stone’s throw away from Interstate 75. Prospective homebuyers in this charming community are often drawn to its convenient location, providing easy access to Dallas and the picturesque Texan countryside.

With plenty of open roads to explore to the west, RecNation RV & Boat Storage in Anna is the perfect place to keep your camper secure and at the ready without cluttering your driveway. We do more than just RV storage, so bring your extra car, boat, bike, or any other vehicle here to find the perfect space for it.

Farmhouse 121 in Melissa, TX

Just south of Anna lies the comfortable community of Melissa, TX. In this popular suburb of Dallas, Farmhouse 121 has quickly become a favorite for new residents. The luxury one- and two-bedroom apartments give you the same small-town feeling you’d expect in Melissa but with all the modern conveniences you want to enjoy. From the pool to the exclusive fitness area, Farmhouse 121 gives you everything you are looking for only a short commute from Dallas.

RecNation’s Melissa, TX, facility is the go-to location for all of Melissa’s auto and boat storage needs. With 24/7 access and Interstate 75 less than a mile away, you’ll be out of our gate and on the road only minutes after picking up your vehicle. Our extra-large parking spaces even have room for Class A motor homes, so you’ll never find yourself short on space.

Inspiration in Wylie, TX

Inspiration is a new community of luxury homes in Wylie, TX, overlooking Lake Lavon. Only a 25-mile drive northwest of Dallas, these houses offer exclusive views of Dallas-Fort Worth while being situated in the small town of St. Paul in Wylie. With large floor plans, swimming pools, a playground, a park, and a community center, there has never been a more appealing place to plant your roots outside of the bustling city center of Dallas.

Our Wylie, TX, storage facility allows you to make the most of the space in your new home by keeping your boat in a reserved and secure parking space only minutes from Lake Lavon. We offer up to 480 square feet of space in our extended boat storage lots, giving you room to store anything from the smallest vessels to large sailboats, motorboats, and everything in between.

Three Steps to Knowing Your Local HOA

Aerial drone view over residential homes in a large suburb of Dallas

Before you buy a home in Dallas or move into any community, you should always do research on how homeowners associations in Dallas and the surrounding areas operate.

[H3] Fees

First, thoroughly understand the HOA fees in Dallas. These monthly or annual dues cover various expenses like landscaping, maintenance, security, and community amenities. Make sure you’re comfortable with the cost and that it fits within your budget. Different HOAs offer different services and amenities. Some may cover utilities, trash removal, and even cable TV, while others might solely focus on exterior maintenance. Clarify what’s included in your fees to avoid surprises and unexpected costs.

[H3] Regulations

Second, know the Dallas HOA rules and regulations. The Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) are the governing documents of the HOA. These outline the rules and regulations homeowners must adhere to. Ensure you understand these guidelines, as they may cover anything from pet restrictions to exterior home colors. Once you move in, attend HOA meetings to stay informed on policy changes.

[H3] Responsibilities

To understand maintenance responsibilities, determine what the HOA is responsible for regarding maintenance. Some HOAs handle everything outside your home, while others may only cover common areas. Knowing this helps you budget for your property’s upkeep.

Also, ask about restrictions. Dallas HOAs often have restrictions on property alterations, landscaping, and even holiday decorations. Make sure you’re comfortable with these limitations before moving in.

Panoramic view of street side development neighborhood with rental units under construction

HOA Tips To Remember Before You Move

Before making your move to Dallas and into an HOA community, use this checklist to filter your options:

  • Review the HOA’s financial health and budget.
  • Request a copy of the CC&Rs and other governing documents.
  • Attend an HOA meeting or speak to current residents to gain insights into the community.
  • Clarify the process for addressing complaints or disputes within the HOA.
  • Read online reviews or seek feedback from current homeowners in the community.

Rent Your Storage Space Near Dallas From RecNation

With so many wonderful new communities to choose from, you are bound to find the perfect new home in Dallas for you and your family. And when you need the right place to store your boats, RVs, and other vehicles, RecNation will be there with you. Get the storage space you need close to home, and enjoy a clutter-free life in your new home.

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