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RecNation RV & Boat Storage

Uncovered, Covered, Self Storage

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6800 US-169
Trimble, MO 64492
(816) 370-2468
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RecNation RV & Boat Storage

Uncovered, Enclosed

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18316 Collins Rd
Smithville, MO 64089
(816) 532-3890
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RecNation RV & Boat Storage


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24105 W 43rd St
Shawnee, KS 66226
(844) 427-2122
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Car Storage Overland Park

Welcome to RecNation, a top-tier car storage facility in Overland Park, Kansas. Our cool storage space is equipped with an extensive range of remarkable amenities and advanced security features. We are committed to ensuring the safety and protection of your prized vehicles, provided by well-lit spaces and round-the-clock surveillance. Every detail is meticulously considered to create an environment where your cars are not just stored but truly cared for.

What Makes RecNation Car Storage The Best Option?

We stand out from the competition due to our superior service and dedication to our clients. At RecNation, we have climate-controlled units to protect your vehicles from harsh weather conditions, an advanced security system for utmost safety, and an attentive on-site staff ready to support and cater to your needs. Some amenities that make RecNation the top choice for premium car storage include:

  • Dump Station: We provide a convenient and easy-to-use dump station for all your waste disposal needs. The area is kept clean and hygienic to ensure the best experience for our customers.
  • Air Compressor: Our facility is equipped with a high-quality air compressor, ensuring your tires are always in optimal condition. This will enhance your vehicle’s performance and increase its lifespan.
  • Propane: We also offer propane services for those who need this resource. Whether for heating or cooking, our propane supply is readily available for your convenience.
  • Water Hose: A clean vehicle is a happy vehicle! Our accessible water hose allows you to keep your car looking its best and running smoothly.
  • Trash Dumpster: To maintain cleanliness and order within the facility, we have readily available trash dumpsters. This ensures an environment that’s not only safe for your vehicles but also pleasing to the eye.

Different Car Storage Units In Overland Park, Kansas

At RecNation, we understand that every car owner has unique needs and preferences. That’s why we offer a variety of storage units to accommodate different types of vehicles. From bigger uncovered spaces to cool climate-controlled units, we have the right storage solution for your car.

Uncovered Parking

For car owners seeking an economical storage solution, our uncovered parking spaces provide an ideal option. These areas are ideal for short-term storage or for vehicles that are not subject to weather conditions. Though uncovered, these parking spaces are secure as they are within our monitored and gated facility.

Covered Parking

Our covered parking units offer a step up, providing your vehicle protection against harsh weather conditions. These spaces are perfect for long-term storage and for vehicles that require a bit of shielding from the elements. Well-lit areas within our facility, these units offer an added layer of security while also keeping your car clean and dry.

Enclosed Parking

Enclosed parking units provide the highest level of protection. These are fully enclosed spaces that keep your vehicle completely protected from weather conditions and offer maximum security. Ideal for classic cars, luxury vehicles, or any vehicle that you want to keep in pristine condition.

Similar Vehicle Storage We Offered

Not only car owners but also other vehicle owners can take advantage of our storage options. We have options for motorcycles, campers, ATVs and more. So no matter what type of vehicle you need to store, we have a solution for you.

  • Campers
  • Motorcycles
  • Class-A motorhomes
  • ATVs and four-wheelers
  • Classic cars
  • And more

Where Can I Find Car Storage In Overland Park, Kansas?

RecNation’s Overland Park location offers amazing storage options for your car. Conveniently located near major highways, our facility is easily accessible and provides 24/7 access to your vehicle. Our top priority is the safety and security of your car, which is why we have a state-of-the-art security system in place. You can access shops, restaurants, and other amenities while you visit your vehicle. 

Nearby Attractions

In proximity to car storage facilities in Overland Park, Kansas, you’ll find a range of attractions that complement the needs of car owners. Car enthusiasts can explore the parks and botanical gardens, providing a picturesque setting for leisurely walks and a perfect backdrop for showcasing classic or cherished vehicles. Additionally, lakes are scattered throughout the area, providing plenty of opportunities for families. For those seeking relaxation, here are some nearby locations you might consider,

  • Platte Falls Conservation Area (30 min away)
  • Weston Bend State Park (30 min away)
  • Wyandotte County Lake State Park (40 min away)
  • Longview Lake (50 min away)
  • Lake of the Ozarks (3 hours away)
  • Smith Fork Campground
  • Camp Branch Campground
  • Lakeview Campground and RV Park
  • Autumn Falls RV Park
  • Wilder Bluff Park — 2.0 miles
  • Mill Creek Streamway Park — 3.3 miles
  • Riverfront Park — 1.2 miles
  • Clinton Lake — 37.5 miles
  • Lake Shawnee Campground — 49.7 miles
  • Perry Lake — 48.4 miles
  • Smithville Lake of Clay County — 47.3 miles


Q. How much does a storage unit cost in Kansas?

Determining the cost of a storage unit in Kansas varies based on factors like size, location, and amenities. RecNation’s larger units and facilities may be more costly but affordable. For accurate pricing, contact our storage, specifying your needs for a personalized estimate.

Q. What size storage do I need for an SUV?

The size of storage needed for an SUV depends on its dimensions. Generally, a large uncovered storage space or a larger covered storage unit would be suitable for an SUV. The RecNation team can help you find the perfect one. 

Find Your Overland Park, Kansas, Storage Unit Today

To find a car storage unit in Overland Park, Kansas, simply select your facility or give us a call. We can help you find the right size unit for your needs and reserve a unit for you today.