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RecNation RV & Boat Storage


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25378 Marion Ave
Punta Gorda, FL 33950
(941) 875-4670
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RecNation RV & Boat Storage


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8930 Laredo Ave
Fort Myers, FL 33905
(239) 354-7676
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RecNation RV & Boat Storage

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14600 Jetport Loop
Fort Myers, FL 33913
(239) 880-2626
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Boat Storage in Punta Gorda Florida

RecNation, a prominent leader in the industry, specializes in offering premium boat storage solutions in Punta Gorda, Florida, and its neighboring areas. As a trusted provider, RecNation stands out for its reliable and secure storage facilities catering to boats, jet skis, and ski boats. With a commitment to excellence, RecNation ensures that your watercraft is safeguarded in top-notch storage spaces, providing peace of mind for boat owners in Punta Gorda and the surrounding regions.

Why Choose RecNation Boat Storage?

Choose RecNation Boat Storage for unparalleled peace of mind and top-tier protection for your watercraft in Punta Gorda, Florida. Our state-of-the-art facilities, equipped with advanced security features, ensure the utmost safety for your boats, jet skis, and ski boats. With a strategic location, convenient access to waterways, and a commitment to exceptional customer service, RecNation stands out as the trusted choice for boat owners. Here are some amenities and benefits of choosing RecNation for boat storage:

  • Dump Station: We offer a convenient dump station for hassle-free waste disposal for boats and jet skis in Punta Gorda, Florida.
  • Water Hose: RecNation provides high-quality water hoses for your boating needs, ensuring a reliable and efficient water supply in Punta Gorda, Florida.
  • Wash Area: We feature a dedicated wash area, providing a convenient and well-equipped space for cleaning and maintaining your boats, jet skis, and ski boats in Punta Gorda, Florida.
  • Ice Machine: Our on-site ice machine ensures your boating experience in Punta Gorda, Florida, stays refreshingly cool with easy access to ice.
  • Air Compressor: We have a convenient on-site air compressor, ensuring properly inflated tires and optimal performance for your boating needs in Punta Gorda, Florida.

Types Of Storage Unit In Punta Gorda, Florida

In Punta Gorda, Florida, RecNation offers a variety of storage units, including the popular 12′ x 20′ unit. There are many different types of storage units to choose from, including indoor, outdoor, and covered options. Each unit is designed to provide safe and secure storage for your boats.

Uncovered Parking 

RecNation offers uncovered parking spaces, providing a cost-effective solution for individuals in Punta Gorda, Florida, seeking open-air storage for boats, jet skis, and ski boats. These spaces are ideal for those who prioritize easy access to their vehicles and do not require the additional shelter of a covered unit. Uncovered parking at RecNation ensures a flexible and affordable storage option, catering to the diverse needs of outdoor enthusiasts in the region.

Covered Parking 

RecNation provides secure covered parking options in Punta Gorda, Florida, offering protection from the elements for boats, jet skis, and ski boats. Our covered parking spaces ensure added security and preservation, making them an ideal choice for those seeking sheltered storage solutions.

Enclosed Parking

RecNation presents enclosed parking spaces in Punta Gorda, Florida, offering heightened security and protection for boats, jet skis, and more, with full coverage from the elements. Our enclosed parking ensures an extra layer of safeguarding, making it an optimal choice for those prioritizing comprehensive storage for their valuable watercraft and recreational vehicles.

Similar Vehicle Storage We Offered

At RecNation, we go beyond just boats, offering a diverse range of storage solutions for various recreational vehicles in Punta Gorda, Florida. Whether you’re a boat enthusiast or own other watercraft vehicles, RecNation has the perfect storage solution for you. Trust us to safeguard your investments with our reliable and versatile storage offerings. Our facility also offers types of similar vehicle storage, such as: 

  • Jet Skis
  • Ski boats
  • Bass boats
  • Canoes
  • Kayaks
  • Paddleboards
  • And more

Where Can I Find Boat & Jet Ski Storage In Punta Gorda, Florida?

At RecNation, we understand the importance of finding secure and convenient storage for your boat or jet ski, especially in a coastal area like Punta Gorda, Florida. That’s why we offer top-of-the-line storage options that cater to all types of watercraft.

Nearby Attractions

Explore the vibrant surroundings near RecNation’s boat storage facilities in Punta Gorda, Florida, as we are strategically located amidst a plethora of attractions catering to the needs and interests of boat owners. Discover nearby marinas and launch points that make accessing the waterways a breeze. For those seeking a day of relaxation, pristine beaches and waterfront parks are just a short drive away, offering picturesque spots for leisure and picnics. Additionally, local marine supply stores and repair services provide convenient access to essential resources for maintaining and enhancing your boating experience. Here are some nearby locations you might consider: 

  • Lake Como — 10 minutes
  • Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve — 12 minutes
  • Big Cypress National Preserve — 1 hour, 3 minutes
  • Lake Okeechobee — 1 hour, 25 minutes
  • Miromar Lakes — 13.5 miles
  • Jaycee Park — 14.3 miles
  • Seminole Campground — 6.9 miles
  • Centaur Lake — 4.1 miles
  • Lake Birch — 4.5 miles
  • Harlem Lakes — 2.6 miles
  • South County Regional Park (1.6 miles)
  • Laishley Park (1.7 miles)
  • Gilchrist Park (2.2 miles)
  • Bayshore Live Oak Park (3.8 miles)
  • Punta Gorda Nature Park (4.3 miles)
  • Ponce De Leon Park (5.2 miles)
  • Allapatchee Shores Park (6.2 miles)
  • Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park (8.7 miles)


Q. How much is boat storage in Florida?

Find out about the various boat storage prices in Florida, which depend on things like location and amenities and offer a variety of secure storage options to suit your needs. Contact RecNation for more information and to get a quote for your specific needs.

Q. What size storage do I need for a boat?

Selecting the right storage size for your boat depends on its dimensions and additional equipment. Measure the length, width, and height of your boat, including any accessories, to determine the appropriate storage size for secure and well-fitted accommodations.

Q. Can a boat be in storage?

Boats can be safely stored in dedicated storage facilities, providing protection from the elements and ensuring their longevity. Secure storage options cater to various boat sizes and types, offering convenience and peace of mind for boat owners.

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