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RecNation RV & Boat Storage

Uncovered, Covered, Self Storage

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6800 US-169
Trimble, MO 64492
(816) 370-2468
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RecNation RV & Boat Storage

Uncovered, Enclosed

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18316 Collins Rd
Smithville, MO 64089
(816) 532-3890
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RecNation RV & Boat Storage


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24105 W 43rd St
Shawnee, KS 66226
(844) 427-2122
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Boat Storage Kansas City

RecNation stands as a premier provider of boat storage services, specializing in the secure storage of boats, jet skis, and ski boats in Kansas City, Missouri, and its neighboring areas. Renowned for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, RecNation ensures convenient access and top-notch storage solutions for watercraft enthusiasts. With strategically located facilities in and around Kansas City, RecNation offers a reliable and secure option for individuals seeking optimal boat storage solutions in the vibrant boating community of Missouri.

Why Choose RecNation Boat Storage?

Opting for RecNation Boat Storage in Kansas City, Missouri, goes beyond just convenient locations. The company prides itself on its exceptional customer service and state-of-the-art storage facilities. RecNation takes every measure to ensure that your boat is safe and secure while in their care.

  • Dump Station: We offer a convenient dump station, ensuring hassle-free waste disposal for boat owners. 
  • Air Compressor: We provide an on-site air compressor for all your boating needs, making it easy to fill up inflatable tubes or tires before hitting the water.
  • Propane: For those who prefer a gas-powered boat, our facility also has an on-site propane filling station.
  • Water Hose: Keeping your boat clean is important, which is why we have a water hose available for use at all times.
  • Trash Dumpster: We understand that boating can create a lot of trash, so we have a designated dumpster for all your waste disposal needs.

Types of Boat Storage Unit In Kansas City, Missouri

There are several types of storage units available in Kansas City, Missouri, to suit different needs and preferences. These include:

Uncovered Parking 

RecNation in Kansas City, Missouri, offers Uncovered Parking in three size options: 10′ x 15′, 10′ x 30′, and 10′ x 35′. These uncovered parking spaces provide practical and cost-effective storage solutions for various vehicles, including boats. The 10′ x 15′ size is ideal for compact vehicles or smaller watercraft, while the larger 10′ x 30′ and 10′ x 35′ options accommodate larger boats. With easy access and secure outdoor storage, RecNation ensures that individuals can find the perfect uncovered parking space to suit their specific needs in the Kansas City area.

Covered Parking

RecNation in Kansas City, Missouri, offers covered parking in various sizes to cater to the diverse needs of vehicle owners. The options include covered parking spaces with sizes of 9′ x 8′, 10′ x 24′, and 13′ x 45′. These covered parking spaces provide a secure and sheltered solution for vehicles, protecting them from the elements such as sun, rain, and snow. The 9′ x 8′ size is suitable for smaller vehicles or equipment, while the larger 10′ x 24′ and 13′ x 45′ options accommodate larger vehicles like boats or multiple items.

Enclosed Parking

RecNation in Kansas City, Missouri, proudly offers enclosed parking as a premium storage solution. This option provides a secure and sheltered environment, ensuring vehicles, boats, and valuable assets are protected from the elements and potential risks. Enclosed parking reflects a commitment to security, preserving the condition and longevity of stored items.

Similar Vehicle Storage We Offered

At RecNation’s facility in Kansas City, Missouri, we understand that vehicle storage extends beyond boats. Our comprehensive storage solutions cater to a diverse range of vehicles, ensuring that your prized possessions are secure and well-maintained. While we specialize in boat storage, our facility also accommodates various similar vehicles, such as jet skis, ski boats, and other watercraft vehicles. Whether you’re a boating enthusiast or the owner of different types of vehicles, our facility provides tailored storage options to meet your specific needs. Our facility also offers types of similar vehicle storage, such as: 

  • Kayaks
  • Canoes
  • Paddleboards
  • Water toy storage

Where Can I Find Boat & Jet Ski Storage In Kansas City, Missouri?

Discover reliable boat and jet ski storage options with RecNation in Kansas City, Missouri. Whether you’re in the downtown area, suburbs, or lakeside districts, we have strategically located facilities. Explore our waterfront location for picturesque storage or choose urban convenience with our downtown facility. RecNation ensures secure and accessible storage solutions at various market locations throughout Kansas City.  

Nearby Attractions

Explore the vibrant surroundings of RecNation in Kansas City, Missouri, where nearby attractions complement the boating lifestyle. The scenic Kansas River offers picturesque waters for leisurely boat rides, while the historic City Market provides a charming backdrop for post-boating excursions. RecNation not only ensures secure boat storage but also connects enthusiasts with a variety of attractions, creating a well-rounded experience in this dynamic city. Here are some nearby locations you might consider, 

  • Wilder Bluff Park — 2.0 miles
  • Mill Creek Streamway Park — 3.3 miles
  • Riverfront Park — 1.2 miles
  • Clinton Lake — 37.5 miles
  • Lake Shawnee Campground — 49.7 miles
  • Perry Lake — 48.4 miles
  • Smithville Lake of Clay County — 47.3 miles
  • Crows Creek Park
  • Smith Fork Campground
  • Camp Branch Campground
  • Autumn Falls RV Park
  • Lake of the Ozarks
  • Platte Falls Conservation Area (30 min away)
  • Weston Bend State Park (30 min away)
  • Wyandotte County Lake State Park (40 min away)
  • Longview Lake (50 min away)


Q. How much does it cost to store a boat in Kansas?

Determining the cost of boat storage in Kansas involves considering factors like location, amenities, and unit size. Exploring various providers and assessing their offerings ensures an informed decision aligned with individual preferences and budget constraints.

Q. How do you store a large boat?

To store a large boat, thoroughly clean and inspect it, choose a suitable location considering the climate, and use proper supports. Utilize a high-quality boat cover, disconnect the battery, and follow manufacturer guidelines for winterizing if necessary.

Find Your Kansas City, Missouri, Storage Unit Today

To find a storage unit in Kansas City, Missouri, simply select your facility or give us a call. We can help you find the right size unit for your needs and reserve a unit for you today.